SUSTAINABILITY has become a key element in many companies’ POS strategies over the past years.

However, to Brands On the search for more sustainable solutions started more than 10 years ago. In parasols, we were one of the first suppliers (if not the first) to actively promote canvasses made from solution dyed RPET fabrics, whereas in signs we were pioneers in switching from real neon to neon look-alike LED signs.


What makes us different?

Beyond Ecological

Today, we don’t just define sustainability as a set of stand-alone technical measures to turn products into greener products. Indeed, at Brands On we feel that sustainability should be integrated in a modus operandi where environmental friendliness and longevity go hand in


The most telling example is our unique PaaS model, which stands for Parasols as a Service. Allow us to list some of its major benefits:

  • Use of sustainably produced wooden parasols and concrete bases only
  • Extremely long lifetime of frames: 10 years +
  • Solution dyed RPET canvasses with 3-year colour fastness warranty
  • Leasing instead of purchasing = budget friendly
  • Comprehensive servicing programme included 100% guarantee of premium brand image and circular economy

Durable Signs

When it comes to signs and displays, our focus is on:

  • Recycled and recyclable materials
  • Smart designs and innovative techniques with a view to minimizing waste
  • Less energy consumption and longer lifetime thanks to the use of high-quality electrical components
  • Clever packaging with environmentally friendly materials

Long Term

Are you looking for a partner where sustainability works hand in glove with budget and to whom long-term relationships truly matter? Then we suggest you talk to Brands On first.

We’ll gladly assist you in steering clear from any common pitfalls as we take pride in offering relevant advice to make sure your brand is presented in the most sustainable way.