Aluminium Tradewinds

High-quality parasols, but with another look and feel? Look no further than our range of aluminium Tradewinds parasols, manufactured by hand in South Africa. These parasols are designed and produced from the finest quality materials. They are made with interchangeable parts and have a minimised impact on the environment.

With proper maintenance these eye-catching parasols will present your brand effectively for many years.


Tradewinds Aluzone parasols were designed to offer a modern lightweight yet strong parasol utilizing a modern mix of aluminium, stainless steel and the finest kiln dried Eucalyptus timber. High quality materials and workmanship ensure that Tradewinds parasols are the no 1 choice for corporate, private & promotional buyers.

Stainless steel fittings are used for high durability and fabric options are naturally resistant to rotting and mildew, acids and alkalis and in addition, all fabrics are Teflon treated to provide water, oil and soil protection.


Long Lasting

an extraordinarily hard-wearing frame made anodised aluminium;


Fade Resistent

a fade-resistant, Teflon-coated canvas;

Easy Maintenance

stainless-steel parts that are easy to replace;

Lease solutions

Sounds good? Great, but that’s not all…. We are proud to announce our exclusive leasing programme for Tradewinds parasols as well! When you choose our so-called “PaaS” model, an abbreviation for “Parasol As A Service”, you’ll be signing up for a comprehensive service package without the need to become the owner of the parasols, thus saving a significant part of your budget for more branded materials.

“PaaS” starts with door-to-door delivery and installation of the parasols on your deck, terrace or patio. During the entire lease period, we carry out all necessary maintenance: collection, cleaning and storage in heated warehouses during winter months, so every parasol is returned to your venue in excellent shape at the start of spring. Finally, when the leasing term comes to an end, all parasols are recycled and/-or reused in order to contribute to circular economy.

Would you like to know more about our flexible leasing solutions? Contact us with any questions you have.