Brands On is more than just a supplier developing products that increase brand visibility.

Every decision is taken with a view to establishing a long-term relationship with you. Our products are tailored to your unique and specific needs, in order to highlight your brand values in a powerful and targeted manner. We are best known for parasols, LED sign solutions and different types of displays. Logically, our clients include major international retail brands, restaurants and cafes, as well as hotels. Our products are always created with corporate social responsibility in mind. You are most likely to have spotted some of our work before, probably without realizing which company was behind it.

Who we are

Tailormade Solutions

We translate unique brand values into solutions that best fit your image.



Full Service

Thanks to our team of specialists, personalized service packages are put together for every individual client.


It’s a Promise

Quality is our middle name, both in our solutions and approach. We keep our promises.

We go green

Our solutions are kind to the planet, people and society.

A platinum rating

Our efforts in the area of Corporate Social Responsibility have been awarded with a platinum rating by EcoVadis. A leading CSR analysis system, EcoVadis assesses sustainability and supply teams on their performances viz. 21 different criteria related to environment, ethics and fair business, as well as supply-chain practices. We are extremely proud of and highly committed to the approaches and practices we employ. Please do not hesitate to contact us should you require more info on this topic.