Get to know us

Brands On is more than just a supplier developing products that increase brand visibility.

Every decision is taken with a view to establishing a long-term relationship with you. Our products are tailored to your unique and specific needs, to highlight your brand values in a powerful and targeted manner.

We are best known for parasols, LED sign solutions & glorifiers. Our clients include major international retail brands, restaurants, and cafes, as well as hotels. Our products are always created with corporate social responsibility in mind.

Our core beliefs are to maintain a positive attitude, to take initiative, prioritize the well-being of our team, and always act with integrity.

We want to bring joy to people and customers through our products and solutions, while also working towards a more sustainable planet.

Our Mission, is also our Unique Buying Reason.  Why do corporate brands choose us?

Corporate brands choose us because we offer the most sustainable parasols and sign solutions in the market. The quality of our products allows them to be serviced, prolonging their lifetime. Service is in our DNA. We combine this with skills of building sustainable long-term relations with major brands.

What we do

The origin of Brands On can be traced back to the 1950s with the establishment of SEPIA, a company that specialized in installing illuminated signs and outline lighting at petrol stations as a form of high-visibility marketing. Over time, the company expanded its services and solutions, ultimately dividing into two separate entities. SEPIA SOLUTIONS offered a wide range of marketing services and solutions that enhanced brand visibility and customer experience at points of sale and events. SEPIA PRODUCTS focussed on providing high-quality products that increased brand visibility and recognition. SEPIA PRODUCTS underwent a name change in 2019 and is now known as Brands On. We are proud to offer our clients over 60 years of expertise and experience.

How we do it

Brands On specializes in creating and producing parasols, LED signs and glorifiers, always with corporate social responsibility in mind.

This means that, at our offices and different production locations in Europe, China, South Africa (Tradewinds), we act in ways that embrace the environment, ethical behaviour and sustainable procurement.

We believe it is our duty to turn potentially negative impact on the world into positive influences. We achieve this through:

  • Creating a work environment that is pleasant, positive and enjoyable for us, our staff members and any partners
  • Showing zero tolerance for child labour
  • Producing sustainable products
  • Extending the lifetime of our products by offering product care and maintenance services
  • Investing in long-term partnerships

Brands On portrays a story of happy moments. A story of those who made our products. And a story of those who enjoy them. Stories that connect. A story of warm light – the one hitting a piece of canvas and the one shining bright in our signs. Stories of parasols and signs. A story of commitment to people and planet. Brilliant stories written with (y)our future in mind.

Meet the team

At Brands on we want to contribute to Happy Moments. Happy moments for our colleagues, clients, partners. We do this in a way that we contribute to a cleaner planet.

The people who work at Brands On are truly in a class of their own. Together we make Brands On a positive and creative workplace.

We offer everyone, in every segment of the company, the opportunity to pursue personal development. This is done through a continuous flow of training and coaching.

As a result, knowledge, experience, and creativity at Brands On are constantly growing, which we feel are important added values. Values that we are proud to offer you as our partner.


Our customers

Our parasols & signs contribute to Happy Moments for our customers. They are used in moments where our end consumers are relaxing and enjoying moments with friends & family. Moments where they tell each other stories in enjoyable surroundings with our signs & parasols. 

Our Social Responsibility

Brands On is an ambitious company, focusing on the creation of sustainable products.

By specializing in specific product categories, we have the opportunity to do more for our industry and planet. This is why we implement corporate social responsibility practices into our modus operandi.

Mutual Respect
The price of admission to our team

The most important asset to our business is people. We ensure all our employees have a healthy and safe work environment. Brands On treats all employees with respect and dignity. We have no tolerance for any distinction, exclusion or preference based on race, sex, religion, political opinion or social origin.

We respect and support internationally recognised human rights in our area of influence. We are adamant that our company does not participate, in any way, in any violation of human rights.

Our Partners

Our Responsibility

This approach is not limited to worksites in Belgium. We also watch over the conditions offered by our international partners, production units in China and our own factory, i.e.Tradewinds in South Africa. Every partner in our global supply network is carefully sourced. We only conduct business with production units that we have checked ourselves. Furthermore, all our suppliers, manufacturers and contractors must agree to comply with standards we have drafted in our Global Supplier Code of Conduct.

In addition to our own regular visit to partners, we arrange supplier guiding principle audits conducted by 3rd parties.

A platinum rating

Our efforts in the area of Corporate Social Responsibility have been awarded with a platinum rating by EcoVadis. A leading CSR analysis system, EcoVadis assesses sustainability and supply teams on their performances viz. 21 different criteria related to environment, ethics and fair business, as well as supply-chain practices. We are extremely proud of and highly committed to the approaches and practices we employ. Please do not hesitate to contact us should you require more info on this topic.