In this web shop you will find parasols of our brand Tradewinds. Premium parasols fitting perfectly on the terrace of your café, restaurant and hotel. The Tradewinds range is composed of a selection of wooden (‘Classic’ range) and aluminium (‘Aluzone’ range) parasols. These parasols are produced in our factory in Cape Town, South Africa. Tradewinds parasols are already in the market for more than 20 years.

Why buy a Tradewinds Parasol?

High quality product

Color and wear resistant

Long life cycle

Every part is replaceable

Hardly any maintenance


Developed with an eye for detail

We choose for sustainable solutions

Our children are our future. Let’s take care of our planet. Our parasols are made to last long, every part is replaceable. For each tree that is used for our parasols, a new tree is planted. In our factory, almost nothing goes to waste. Leftovers of wood are used as fuel for our kilns (ovens) to dry the wood. We use solar panels to generate electricity. At the end of its life cycle, the wood is recycled, e.g. into wooden toys.

(In the video you see our Tradewinds Factory in South-Africa)