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High quality parasols, every day of the year


Challenge: Parasols are an important brand visibility tool for Omer. High quality and a sustainable approach are their key values.


Our solution: Thanks to our winter maintenance program, we ensure that all Omer parasols stay in perfect condition. We take care of collection, cleaning, repair, storage and transport to the point of sales.


Follow-up: Together with Omer, we created an action plan encompassing the use of client-specific parameters to review the quality of the parasols. This way, our warehouse staff perfectly knows at all times which parasols still meet Omer's quality standards so they can take action when required.

Lease your parasols

Challenge: Moët Hennessy are looking for outdoor marketing solutions based on quality, ease of use and service.

Our solution: Our unique lease model (Parasols as a Service) offers the use of premium quality parasols at fair prices. In addition, Brands On takes care of collection, cleaning, repair, storage and transport to the point of sale. Thanks to this, Moët Hennessy can fully concentrate on their core business.

Follow-up: After a successful first year, we will be taking care of Moët parasols for the second year in a row. There are currently Moët Chandon, Veuve Cliquot and Belvedere vodka parasols out in the market. 

We take care of Coca Cola European Partners' parasols

Challenge: CCEP are permantly scouting for partners that can offer high-quality alternatives for their marketing tools. Partners are required to take care of all aspects of brand awareness and thus manage the entire product flow (from purchase advice to delivery at warehouses all over Europe).

Our solution: Being a trusted partner of CCEP for many years, we provide sustainable parasol solutions. Deliberately harmonized parasol ranges are added to their catalogue and we subsequently offer them comprehensive service packages, including certification, sustainability and smart logistics.

Follow-up: Our partnership is based on multi-year agreements.

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