Aluminium Tradewinds

Are you looking for a strong, lightweight parasol?

Feel free to discover our Tradewinds aluminium parasols.

A carefully balanced mix of aluminium, stainless steel and the finest eucalyptus hardwood.

We design and produce these parasols from the finest quality materials. 
They are made with interchangeable parts and have a minimised impact on the environment.

With proper maintenance these eye-catching parasols will present your brand effectively for many years.

The features:

Lease solutions
Sounds good? Great, but that’s not all…. We have also new, exclusive lease solutions for our Tradewinds parasols.

When you choose for ‘Parasol As A Service’, you’ll sign up for the instant full service care.

It starts with a delivery to your door. During the lease period we perform all necessary maintenance: pick up, clean and store your parasol for the winter months to return it when the sun reappears in spring. Finally, when you conclude your lease, we recycle or reuse your parasol parts to minimise waste.

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Care-free solutions for your parasols

Are you running short of time?
Would you like to spend more hours on your core business?

Then why not consider to leave the maintenance and servicing of your parasols to Brands On? 
Or you might want to learn more about our truly unique and innovative lease model (Parasols as a Service)?
Whichever option you go for, they both are straightforward and convenient ways to ensure your parasols remain in top shape. 

Surely another burden off your shoulders!


Let us take care of it

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