Brands On is an ambitious company, focuses on creating sustainable products. Profit, however, has never been our ultimate goal.

By specialising in specific products, we have opportunity to do more for our industry and our world. This is why we implement corporate social responsibility practices into our methods.

Mutual respect – the price of admission to our team

The most important asset to our business is people. We ensure all our employees have a healthy and safe work environment. Brands On treats all employees with respect and dignity. We have no tolerance for any distinction, exclusion or preference based on race, sex, religion, political opinion or social origin.

We respect and support internationally recognised human rights in our area of influence. We are adamant that our company does not participate, in any way, in any violation of human rights.

Our partners – our responsibility

This approach is not limited to worksites in Belgium. We also watch over the conditions of our international partners, production units in China and our own factory, Tradewinds in South Africa.

Every partner in our global supply network is carefully sourced. We only conduct business with production units that we have checked ourselves. Furthermore, all our suppliers, manufacturers and contractors must agree to comply with standards we have drafted in our Global Supplier Code of Conduct.

As well as our own regular visits to our partners, we also arrange for them to undergo SMETA 4 pillar and Supplier Guiding Principle audits conducted by third parties.

Products we are proud of

Brands On focuses on creating sustainable products. The high-quality materials we use ensure our products have a long lifespan. This is further enhanced by our maintenance and service department. They replace broken parts when necessary. And if you were to change your logo, we would provide a new canvas that could be used on an existing frame. This significantly reduces waste.

A gold rating

Our efforts in the area of Corporate Social Responsibility have been awarded with a gold rating by EcoVadis. A CSR analysis system, EcoVadis examines sustainability and supply teams for their performances against 21 different criteria related to the environment, ethics and fair business practices and supply-chain practices.

We are extremely proud of and highly committed to the approaches and practices we employ. Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any questions.

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