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Our story

Brands On is more than just a supplier developing products that increase brand visibility.

We make decisions to create a long-term relationship with you. Our products are tailored to your unique and specific needs, presenting your brand values for a powerful and targeted effect.

We are best known for parasols, sign solutions and different types of LED displays. And no wonder: our clients include international retail brands, restaurants and cafes, and of course, hotels.

Our products are always created with corporate social responsibility in mind.

You’ve most likely seen our work before, without even realising where it came from.

Meet our team

The people who work at Brands On are wonderful people. Together we make Brands On a positive and creative workplace.

We give everyone, on every level of the company, the opportunity to pursue personal development. This is done through a continuous flow of training and coaching.

It means the knowledge and creativity at Brands On is constantly growing. And we see this knowledge and experience as important added value.

Value that we are proud to offer you as our partner.

Our social responsibility

Brands On is an ambitious company, focuses on creating sustainable products.
Profit, however, has never been our ultimate goal.

By specialising in specific products, we have the opportunity to do more for our industry and our world.

This is why we implement corporate social responsibility practices into our methods. Furthermore, we have succeeded to do
this with the great result! Our efforts have been awarded with a gold rating by EcoVadis.

Brands On

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